American Theater
in Moscow

Experience the adventure to an authentic American theater. In English.

American Theater in Moscow was launched to further popularize American culture in the capital and should be an interface between international businesses, countries, cultures, and interests.
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Alexander N
Founder and CEO
Harvard Business School, New York Film Academy. Entrepreneur, film producer.

Moscow, Los Angeles.
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Kay Rommel
Graduated from GITIS and Otterbein University.

Cleveland, Moscow
Megi Kiriya
General manager
Anna Lenkova
Music Director
Graduate of GITIS and DMTUA. Participant of the TV project BIG JAZZ on the Culture channel and other TV programs.

Sofia Gurzhieva
Graduated of GITIS as Director of Dramatic Theater. "Best Plastique Director's Work" winner at the Mask Festival 2021.

Anna Lenkova
American Theatre Press Service

+7(985)910-7773 (Telegram, WhatsApp)

Olga Subota
Lawyer of the City Bar of St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg
Alexander Shein
Translations and Communications
Ph.D. in Philology, Moscow State Linguistic University


Auditioning actors for work in our theater

We accept applications by email: cast(at)

Actors: send your application - video in English up to one minute, a link to Instagram, contacts.

We don't require an acting education, we require acting talent. Rehearsals (for now) are not paid, performances are paid.

Musicians: we are putting together an old-school American jazz band for permanent work in the Theater. Adults, dark-skinned, old jazz-obsessed are preferred.

Working process