American Theater in Moscow

as part of the World Theatres in Moscow project

Experience the atmosphere and emotions of a real trip to America. In English.

American Theater in Moscow was launched to further popularize American culture in the capital and connect international businesses and interests.
The American Theater in Moscow is a proud sponsor of the American Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Ceremony. Mastercard, Cadillac, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and other companies were among the sponsors of the Chamber. The Ceremony took place at The Carlton.


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  • Alexander N
    Founder and CEO
    Harvard Business School, New York Film Academy. Entrepreneur, film producer.

    Moscow, Los Angeles.
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  • Kay Rommel
    Graduated from GITIS and Otterbein University.

    Cleveland, Moscow
  • Megi Kiriya
    General manager
  • Anna Lenkova
    Music Director
    Graduate of GITIS and DMTUA. Participant of the TV project BIG JAZZ on the Culture channel and other TV programs.

  • Sofia Gurzhieva
    Graduated of GITIS as Director of Dramatic Theater. "Best Plastique Director's Work" winner at the Mask Festival 2021.

  • Maria Ugrumova
    American Theatre Press Service
    +7(921)932-1332 (Telegram, WhatsApp)

  • Olga Subota
    Lawyer of the City Bar of St. Petersburg

    Saint Petersburg
  • Alexander Shein
    Translations and Communications
    Ph.D. in Philology, Moscow State Linguistic University


Actors of the Theater

  • Elizabeth Sheikh
    Numerous theatrical projects in Russia and abroad

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  • Antonina Divina
    More than 40 roles in movies

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  • Ilya Khodyrev
    Winner of the Golden Sofit Award, Breakthrough Award. Co-founder of the St. Petersburg City Theater

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  • Philip Lebedev
    Participant of "The Voice" show, Sergei Shnurov's team

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  • Adam James Muskin
    New York, host of Radio Maximum. Roles in movies and TV series: "Upward Motion", "Insomnia", etc.

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  • Maria Smakhtina
    Vocational education and training at GITIS
    Roles in movies and TV series: "Sasha-Tanya," "Sklifosovsky," "The Policeman from Rublevka" and others.

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  • Katarina Pogorelova
    Schepkin Theatre School
    Actress, Ves-media anchorwoman, director (Shchepkin Higher Technical School, RADA, Mitta film school). Roles in movies and shows: "Hopekillers", "Thank God You Came", "The Mystery of Honey Valley".

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  • Varya Revnyuk
    Winner of many vocal competitions,. Performs at the Pushkin Theater, in Moscow musicals, and does voice-overs for films and TV series

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  • Polina Larina
    Saratov Theater Institute
  • Shushan Janoyan
    Roles in movies and TV series: "In Active Search," "Chikatilo, "The restaurant according to the concepts," and others.

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  • Konstantin Tikhomirov
    Saratov Theater Institute
    Actor and voiceover director from small non-profit projects to work with Netflix and ViacomCBS

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  • Edgar Gizatullin
    "Theater at Pokrovka" from 2013-2016. Roles in movies and TV series: "The Eighties", "Billion", "The 90s. Fun and Loud", "Survival Game", etc.

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  • Magi Kiriya
    YouHollywood Film School of Acting
  • Alexander Shein
    Candidate of Philological Sciences

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  • Ilya Gubanov
    Ostankino High School
    TV anchor, correspondent, corporate radio announcer

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  • Anatoly Akulov
    Several hundred successfully held events

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  • Artur Tagirov
    Main role in the play "Marry a Hallucination" by BSMU. Script and direction of 2 films "Alphanot", participation in the series "And that's all Robert".

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Now auditioning actors, dancers, and musicians

We accept applications by email: cast(at)

Actors: send your application—a one-minute video with your story in English, a link to your Instagram, and your contact information.

We don't require an acting education, we require acting talent. Rehearsals (for now) are not paid, performances are paid.

Musicians: we are putting together an old-school American jazz band for permanent work.

Working process